Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our youth programs? We've got answers.

How do I join the YMCA?


The YMCA has a lot of programs and services you can participate in. We have Health and Fitness Centres across the Greater Toronto Area. You can visit us at any time for a tour or call us at 416-928-9622 for more information.

Can the YMCA help me find a job?


Yes we can! The YMCA has employment programs where we help youth learn about the career & employment opportunities available to them, and provide training in important job-related skills - such as teamwork and self-management.

Can the YMCA help me get my mandatory volunteer hours for school?


Yes! Volunteering is one way for youth to become engaged with us and achieve their high school volunteer hours.

Does the YMCA have overnight camps?


Yes we do! The YMCA of Greater Toronto has two overnight camps: YMCA Camp Pine Crest and YMCA Cedar Glen.

Does the YMCA have any camp leadership programs?


Yes! We have a few different Camp Leadership Programs to suit your needs.