YMCA announces transformational gift towards new McDonald Family YMCA

September 22, 2016

At the YMCA of Greater Toronto’s 163rd Annual General Meeting, Medhat Mahdy, President and CEO, announced the generous gift from Steve and Jenifer McDonald in support of a new Centre of Community: the McDonald Family Richmond Street YMCA.

Rendition of the McDonald Family YMCA on an easel, surrounded by Tim Penner, Martine Irman, Diane Sinhuber and Medhat Mahdy to the left, and to the right Jenifer, Steve and Margaret McDonald, and Helen Sinclair to the right

From left: Tim Penner, Past Chair, Martine Irman, Vice Chair, Diane Sinhuber, Chair, Medhat Mahdy, President & CEO, Jenifer, Steve and Margaret McDonald, and Helen Sinclair, Campaign Cabinet Member.

Located in the historic Waterworks building at 505 Richmond Street West, the McDonald Family YMCA will serve the Alexandra Park community and its surrounding neighbourhoods, including Kensington Market, Chinatown, Queen West and the Fashion District. Developed in partnership with the City of Toronto as part of the Waterworks Revitalization project the new centre will offer a foundation upon which the community can build the connections that help foster a sense of belonging.

The McDonalds’ $3 million contribution is the largest the YMCA has received toward the Strong Start, Great Future Campaign. Steve and Jenifer McDonald’s Y stories began when they were kids learning to swim – they both have fond memories of the YMCA.

“The Y is appealing because it’s well run and impactful,” explains Steve of why they chose to make a transformational philanthropic investment in the YMCA. “There are few programs that touch as many people as the Y does.”

Jenifer continues, “The more research we do, the more people we meet, the more times we visit, we feel more and more inspired. The Y story is a great one.”

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is grateful for the McDonalds’ commitment to helping further the YMCA’s vision that our communities will be home to the healthiest children, teens and young adults. 

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