Toronto Sheppard Ave. YMCA Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Lifesaving

March 03, 2017

YMCA aquatics instructors and programs demonstrate commitment to teaching lifesaving skills and water safety, while fostering personal growth

Last night, the Toronto Sheppard Ave. YMCA Centre was once again recognized for its outstanding contribution to lifesaving. During the Lifesaving Governor’s Award Gala, the Sheppard YMCA earned both the Arnold J. Morphy Cup and the John H. Crocker Cup for the second year in a row.

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On behalf of the Lifesaving Society, the Arnold J. Morphy Cup is presented annually to the single-facility affiliate in Ontario with the largest lifesaving program and the John H. Crocker Cup is presented annually to the YMCA with the largest lifesaving program. The Sheppard YMCA has proudly accepted the John H. Crocker Cup five times. The Lifesaving Society recognizes affiliate members, such as the YMCA of Greater Toronto, that deliver the Society's training programs, promote Water Smart® public education, and raise funds in support of the Society's drowning prevention mission.

“Participants gain more than certifications by successfully completing our programs - participants learn how to help others and apply life skills to give back to their community,” explains Andrew Geimar, Lifesaving Society Course Instructor, Examiner and Supervisor, Toronto Sheppard Ave. YMCA. “Our aquatics programs offer children, teens, young adults and families the opportunity for personal growth, leadership and community involvement. The Toronto Sheppard Ave. YMCA Centre also participates in the Swim to Survive Program, a free program offered to people of all ages, teaching the essential swimming skills to survive a fall into deep water.”

The YMCA offers a variety of courses including bronze medallion, bronze cross, national lifeguard and standard first aid with CPR courses. From 2014-2016, the Sheppard YMCA Centre helped more than 4,400 candidates complete their National Lifeguard, CPR, Bronze Medallion, or Bronze Cross Certifications. Upon successful completion of YMCA lifesaving courses, individuals are equipped with the knowledge necessary to confidently teach at the YMCA and many other organizations that recognize such well-established credentials.

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