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Step 1: Choose your health goal*

Personal training for beginners

Taking the first steps toward healthy living can feel overwhelming. It's a personal trainer's job to get you started on the right foot, and stick by your side every step of the way.
You'll get:

  • A professional assessment of your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Customized workout plans tailored to your individual needs and preferences
  • One-on-one coaching to ensure you're executing that routine safely, efficiently and effectively
  • A master motivator to push you through those tough moments when you feel like giving up
personal training for seniors

Your health is one of your most valuable assets, and YMCA personal trainers are here to help you protect it. Whether you've already developed health issues, or want to ensure you never do, our personal trainers provide the expertise and support you need to get and stay healthy.
You'll get:

  • A confidential, judgment-free assessment to discuss your needs
  • An effective and safe training program tailored to your health conditions, fitness level, and recommendations from your doctor
  • Strategies for building healthy habits and leaving bad ones behind
  • A friend and confidant who will keep you feeling motivated and on track
personal training to lose weight and look good

We all want to look and feel our best, but it's easy to get lost amidst all the cleanses, fad diets, and other unhealthy tactics promising quick fixes. Your YMCA personal trainer will help you get the results you're looking for using tried-and-true techniques that are actually sustainable.
You'll get:

  • A customized, safe, and efficient training program designed to achieve your goal on your timeline
  • One-on-one attention to ensure you get the most out of every single workout
  • Techniques to help you stay on track — in and out of the gym
  • Access to our personal training app, so you can stay in sync with your trainer 24/7
personal training for performance

A personal trainer will help you get in the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally. If you're planning to run a marathon, or looking to compete in a sporting event, or just excited to maximize your results, one-on-one guidance is the key.
You'll get:

  • A customized exercise plan designed to get you to where you need to be
  • Expert knowledge to help you safely test your personal limits, and break through barriers to your success
  • Cutting-edge techniques that progressively build on your training program to break through to your next level
  • Motivation and support to ensure you stick to your rigorous training program

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Don't take our word for it. Listen to our members explain how personal training changed their lives.

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Get access to our new app!

It's our job to support your fitness goals, both in and out of the gym. That's why we set each of our personal training clients up with their very own app: it measures your workout progress, tracks your nutrition, and helps you stay in sync with your trainer even when you're not in the gym. Submit your contact information to learn more about the tools and techniques we'll use to help you tackle your goals.

Limitation of Liability:

*Consult a physician before starting any diet, exercise, weight loss, or personal training program. Results vary depending on each individual. Personal trainers are subject to availability. **Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of others and should not be considered typical. Individuals providing testimonials are not paid.